Weeknight Meals Series Part 2

One Pot Meals / One Sheet Pan Meals

One of my personal pillars of a weeknight meal is ease. To qualify for a weeknight in my kitchen, a meal has got to be easy to make and easy to clean up. Enter: the one pot / one sheet pan meal. 

All of these meals are made entirely with just one pot or one sheet plan plus in some cases a cutting board, a knife and maybe a mixing bowl. They’re all easy to put together and even quicker to clean up after, which saves so much of your precious weeknight time! 

So let’s get on with these EASY weeknight meal ideas! And if you wanna know about my other three pillars of a weeknight meal, check out the introductory post in the Weeknight Meal Series: What Makes A Weeknight Meal.

One Pot Meals / One Sheet Pan Meals

One Pot Hearty Chicken Stew

Coming Soon!

What do you get when you combine tacos, chili and mac n cheese in one pot? The greatest dinner to spice up your weeknight meals!

An easy, healthy, delicious pasta dish packed with veggies comes together in one pot for the best kind of weeknight dinner!

One Pot Pesto Pasta with broccoli, edamame and shelbow pastas in one pot.

This creamy non-tomato based chili is a perfect way to ease into the hearty meals of the winter! Serve with tortilla chips and a squeeze of lime for a little brightness!

This simplest choose-your-own-path sheet pan dinner is sure to clear out your fridge with whatever you’ve got in it!

green beans, bbq pork and crispy potatoes on one sheet pan

Craving a taco night but short on time? Try these sheet pan fajitas that are easy to make yet packed full of flavor!

Looking for a little twist on your weeknight chicken dinner? Check out this sheet pan shawarma for an easy and delicious addition to your weekly rotation! 

Another clear out the fridge dinner, a chopped salad is just what you need for a quick, nourishing weeknight meal!

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